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Headshot Commissions
Maddy and Zomrick headshots by traein
These will be done probably the quickest since I can finish these (based on difficulty of design) within 1- 3 hours after commission has been accepted (If outside forces don't prevent me from working or submitting it. (ie. internet failure, in class, etc...))


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Page doll by SinfullyCute

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Art Trades (Won't show my half until yours is finished for protection.)
:iconswiftstone: (Sketching)
:icongingermon23: (Waiting on there half)
:iconialeth-of-the-mist: (Waiting on there half)
:iconacidiclullaby: (lining)
:icontori-34: (Sketching)
:iconurbantheprofessional: (Waiting on there half)
:iconfairyaurora: (sketching)






Personal stuff
:bulletred: OC Stickers
:bulletred: Vampire Dominic 1st chapter
:bulletred: Creeps chapter 2

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OC Sticker collection

Alana sticker by traein Isaiah Sticker by traein


My friends on DA

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In no particular order.


:iconperrichan: :iconnihon24: :iconbestitched: :iconhyshirey: :iconzelandory:

Have to share

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 8:26 PM
So got on today finally and got this super adorable artwork form one of my fav artist and friend :iconcottonvalent:

COMM - traein - Fang by CottonValent

Fang is too adorable. :D


Have to share

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 8:26 PM
So got on today finally and got this super adorable artwork form one of my fav artist and friend :iconcottonvalent:

COMM - traein - Fang by CottonValent

Fang is too adorable. :D

India cityscape by traein
India cityscape
Well this took me an insane amount of time and patience... and redos, but I finally finished and am happy at how it turned out. :D
India cityscape WIP by traein
India cityscape WIP
Just thought I share some artwork I have been doing at my college. This is a WIP of my perspective city scape project form a India marketplace and I am loving it!. :D

Contest Over + winners

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 1:34 AM
So I am so happy to see my contest got so popular and had so many wonderful entries, but sadly only 3 of you can actually win prizes. QwQ

the prizes themselves.

1st Place receives the following:

Grand prize
Party $30 or equivalent in points. Party

half-body artwork from :icontraein:

Custom chibi :iconkfoxdoodles:

 fullbody, a headshot, and a song custom :iconiucky-charms:

2nd place receives the following:

half-body artwork from :icontraein:

Cell shaded chibi from :iconwillowbranwen:

headshot, and a song custom :iconiucky-charms:

and $10 or equivalent in points

 lineart from :iconliemint:

3rd place will receive the following:

Bust artwork from :icontraein:

headshot :iconiucky-charms:




First place goes too :iconskunkyfly:
CE::Letter For You by Skunkyfly

2nd place goes to :iconestevaopb:
The Creeps World by EstevaoPB 

and finally third place is :iconrazephyr:[CONTEST ENTRY] The King and The Messenger by razephyr

Please contact me and any of the other artist listed above for your respective prizes and please give a round of applauds to these guys and girls, including the amazing ones that just barely missed it. :D 

Draw my OC Contest (prize $$, points, and artwork)

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 5, 2014, 8:35 PM
Divider by Canzeda

So I planned on announcing this once I had finished drawing out all the characters myself, but due to recent time restraints that may not be the smartest idea. ^^; Therefore I am announcing this contest officially open and with even more wonderful prizes then ever before. :D

1st Place receives the following:

Grand prize
:party: $30 or equivalent in points. :party:

half-body artwork from :icontraein:

Custom chibi :iconkfoxdoodles:

 fullbody, a headshot, and a song custom :iconiucky-charms:

2nd place receives the following:

half-body artwork from :icontraein:

Cell shaded chibi from :iconwillowbranwen:

headshot, and a song custom :iconiucky-charms:

and $10 or equivalent in points

 lineart from :iconliemint:

3rd place will receive the following:

Bust artwork from :icontraein:

headshot :iconiucky-charms:

(Prizes may be updated and add on through out the contest.)

Divider by Canzeda

How to win

As the title name suggest you win by making a artwork of any or multiple of my OCs listed below. :D 

I will not be listing them all and going to keep these limited to only a select few of my OCs for now.
Divider by Canzeda


:bulletblue: You can submit as many entry's as you want, there is no cap on this contest.

:bulletblue: You can add your own OCs or characters from original series, but must contain at least one of my characters in the work

:bulletblue: You must send me a link to the artwork, because I will not be randomly searching around to see if anyone made a entry

:bulletblue: Must follow DA rules

:bulletblue: Anything submitted after the 27th of September will be ineligible for any prizes.

Divider by Canzeda


27th of September!!!

Divider by Canzeda

The Chapters if it helps you think of ideas for artworks. :D

Creeps Chapter 1: Welcome to Und'Vita    When Sara had woken up she had a strange appetite and a weird sense of fatigue even though she had just gotten up, her long blonde hair in a mess with dirt and sand stuck in it along with the sand all over her nice school uniform. She got up and stretched, only to stop as she noticed something in the corner of her eyes. As she turned her head to the side she saw a man sitting there in a big tan trench coat and dark mossy green hair, but his most significant feature was this mask over his face as it resembled something of a gas mask. "Good morning, my na-" The man tried introducing himself, but was shortly stopped as Sara let out a blood curling scream in fright as she started tossing everything she could grab at him. Though the pillows weren't to bad getting hit with a metal vase wasn't exactly comfortable or soft as he fell back in his chair and to the floor as he twitched a bit.

    As Sara was trying to regain her breath sh


:bulletred: Traein :bulletwhite:

(I think it would be obvious he would be a choice. :D)

COMM - traein by CottonValent Commission  Traein By Absolutepineapple-d5k57dz by traein


Traein is one who lives separate from those in the human world. His domain is hidden from the world yet at the same time kept in plain sight. His world is full of people with mysterious past and stranger abilities and appearances, they are also know as "The creeps". Traein is basically the appointed king of the creeps, the ruler in the shadows, the man with no face. He keeps them safe from the normal world but more importantly from the previous ruler of this domain, the Lich.

He lives in a giant, strangely built structure known as the "crowned castle"  from which he can keep an eye on his domain and protect the innocent creeps around him, though there are creeps who still are loyal to the Lich and will do anything to get him back in power including attacking Traein. However Traein was not appointed the king of this domain for lack of strength and powers of his own. 

:bulletyellow: Sara :bulletpink:

Point Commission: Traein by 2kazeCom  2o By Azuminanao-d740wyp by traein


Sara is actually a very strange being to be found within Traein's Domain. She is a human, the only one living alongside Traein and and all of the other "Creeps" who live there. Though she is a gentle soul who, despite her anxiety and overhelmnous of being in this world, befriends and lives among the creeps in peace as Traein and his friends try and help Sara find a way back to her own world.

:bulletyellow: Isiah :bulletgreen:

Isaiah by traein


Isaiah is a special little deviant who lives in this world. He officially is the the one responsible for all mail, packages, and exchange of information. He quite literally is the fly on the wall who hears everything and for a price he'll tell ya what you want to know, which is why Traein loves calling him to his castle from time to time to see if anything has been chattered throughout his domain. Though If his younger sister Natsumi ever caught him doing this, she probably turn him into an actual fly, just so she could swat him. 

:bulletblack: Natsumi :bulletyellow:

Natsumi ref by traein


Natsumi is a young witch in training under the study of Gideon, Traein's oldest friend and his 2nd in-command as this domain's strongest wizard, and also the younger sister of "the Creeps" #1 information smuggler, Isaiah, though she isn't too proud of his lifestyle. Natsumi can be a cluts sometimes and doesn't always make the best moral decisions, but she is a hard working young lady who will even read up on new spells as she tends to Gideon's shop in the evenings.

:bulletpurple: Maddie :bulletred:

Maddy by traein

Maddie is... a complicated individual. She was born and raised on how to attack kill her targets from the shadows as a master assassin; however there is one target she never managed to get remotely close to killing. This person's name was Traein. To this day she tries to attack him throughout his daily life, but deep down she is madly in love with him despite her Tsundere/Yandere type personality.

:bulletpurple: Rosalie & Crysaline :bulletpink:

Rosalie and Crysaline ref by traein


Rosalie bio:

Rosalie sadly was born with a pretty rare disease in her world that made her legs virtually useless and incapable of walking. For the first 7 years of her life she laid in bed most of the time just reading over books and looking out the window next to her bed dreaming of a day she could go out and play like the rest of the kids her age. One day though a small, strange creature came floating through her window. The creature resembled that of a gem or crystal with a bright purple hue to it. The creature took to Rosalie very quickly and decided to live with her. Thanks to it's abilities it was able to grant Rosalie's wish and allowed her to walk and run as long as it remained in the form of boots that were attached to her feet and legs. Now Rosalie and her little friend Crysaline run a book store all there own and are very happy.

Crysaline bio:

Crysaline's origins are still unknown to everyone and since he can only speak in some sort of unknown language no one ever understands him. He wondered almost a decade ago into a young girls room, tired and exhausted from his long travels. The young girl feed him, gave him a bed, and played with him whenever she could. Crysaline was happy around the young girl named Rosalie and decided to stay with her as long as he could. He always saw her though staring out that window and telling him of her dreams of running on her own 2 legs one day. Crysaline had an unusual ability to liquefy himself and morph his form into anything he wanted and with this ability he become a special pair of boots molded to her legs that would allow her to walk and run like she dreamed for so long. Besides the boots though he has 3 other forms, besides his normal form, that he enjoys to take. The first is a hovering wheelchair that he will sometimes carry young Rosalie around in if her legs are to tired or fatigued, the second being a headless body that he uses to help move and fetch things for Rosalie, and finally this small blob form that he uses to get into very hard to reach places and clean up their shop.

:bulletred: Zomrick :bulletwhite:
Zomrick by traein COMM - Traein 3 by CottonValent


Zomrick is an undead butler that has served Traein for many a years... so many actually he's even lost count of how old he is... the mind gets bad after your 1,000th birthday. He does more than a normal butler would though, he's actually more like a grouns keeper of Traein's entire castle as he goes day in and day out of keeping the place in tip top condition for his master and best friend. Even though the butler title might make him sound important he actually is one of the most revered people in all of Traein's domain as he is seen almost more as a commander of an army by all.
(More OCs possibly added at a later date. :D)

:bulletgreen: Gideon :bulletblack:

Gideon by traein

Gideon is the head wizard over all of Traein's domain and also his head adviser for all matters. Just like Traein, he also hides behind a mask. Not even Traein knows what his true face looks like. He is also Natsumi's teacher and the one who taught her how to harness her magical gifts, even though he regrets it sometimes from her immature behavior.

:bulletgreen: The Jr. Goblins :bulletwhite:

Pan By Undead Alien-d7lqke0 by traeinTaura By Undead Alien-d7lqkna by traeinKira By Undead Alien-d7lqktv by traein

Pan by traeinTaura by traeinKira by traein


These three little deviants are Isaiah's helpers in crime as his apprentices for the next generation of Goblin's A group Isaiah originally started with his two friends when they were kids. Pan(The left one) is definitely a strategy genius, though because if his cowardly nature he rarely gets to speak up and usually is shut down by his other two goblins. Taura(The middle one) Is the strongest out of the group as she likes to get into petty fights just to show she's  a tough little tomboy, but her little tantrums get her trouble quite often. And finally Kira ( the one on the right.) He hates to show his face which is why his hood and hair always cover most of it up. This though is not because of shyness like Pan's, but because he is the prankster king out of the group as he loves setting booby traps and humiliating everyone, including his two little deviant friend.

Divider by Canzeda


:iconviralzx4: draw my oc contest entry by viralzx4

:iconmaryhil: Traein and Natsumi by maryhil
:iconerinlovesminecraft: Contest Entry by ErinLovesMinecraft
:iconxoprb: Draw my OC contest entry: Maddie by xoprb
:iconteam-taka-and-hebi:Contest entry by team-taka-and-hebi
:iconkaitomo: Isiah by Kaitomo
:iconnaekoashira: Contest Entry: Isiah by NaekoAshira
:iconporusaki: Traein by porusaki
:iconxxxxdiome777xxxx: Isaiah by xxXXDiomE777XXxx Natsumi by xxXXDiomE777XXxx
:iconliemint: A Little Twist by LieMint Maddie the Assassin by LieMint Gideon the Mysterious Wizard by LieMint
:iconkitty-olenic: Natsumi by Kitty-Olenic
:iconkfoxdoodles: Traein Contest by KFoxDoodles
:icontherainydays: Contest - Sara by TheRainyDays
:iconzleepyland: CE: Natsumi by zleepyland
:iconialeth-of-the-mist: Natsumi contest entry by Ialeth-of-the-Mist
:iconsatsuki96: CONTEST:Natsumi by satsuki96

:iconmagical-x-miracles: Sara And Natsumi for Traein's contest by magical-x-miracles

:iconmrica: Care to join us? by Mrica
:iconrazephyr: [CONTEST ENTRY] The King and The Messenger by razephyr

:iconloveinhell: secrets at Tea Time by LoveInHell
:icondevil1lin: .:Contest Entry:. Deviant in the Night: Isiah by Devil1lin
:icontheangleerfish: CE - Traein's Sara by TheAngleerfish

:iconskunkyfly: CE::Letter For You by Skunkyfly

:icondarkesper: Traein's Contest|Natsumi by Darkesper
:iconestevaopb: The Creeps World - Production Work by EstevaoPB The Creeps World by EstevaoPB
:iconladypurplesfinx: In the garden by LadyPurplesfinx
:iconxxxxdiome777xxxx: Maddie by xxXXDiomE777XXxx
:iconarfid: The light of the city by ARFID
:iconmarblackphoenix: Maddie in the Darkness -OC by Traein-Contest Entry by MarBlackphoenix
:iconbanchan09: You've got a message! by banchan09
:iconhiganbana69: Traein (contest) by HiganBana69


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Welcome to the information board. :D

Here we have all sorts of information relevant that you might like to know about.

Kirriban Prize! by MughalRox Tools

I mainly use Paint tool Sai to draw and color, but every now and again I will go back to traditional paper and pencil. :D

Kirriban Prize! by MughalRox The Artist

I am a 21 year old male living in the most humid part of all the untied states, Florida. :( I enjoy drawing more fun and cute things since they are always appealing to me, but I do like when I get to tap into my love for horror and fantasy for projects as well.

Kirriban Prize! by MughalRox Do you have any OCs?

Of course I do. :D They are my babies and they have spammed my glallery so don't be scared to check it out. :D

Kirriban Prize! by MughalRox Do you do Art Trades, commissions, collabs, etc...?

The answer is yes I do. :D Art trades I don't necessarily need you at my level, because I tend to do these more fun than actually trying to get something in return so don't be afraid to ask me. :D

For commissions you can always check here. Commission prices (updated)So these are kind of my current commission prices, but it is more of a test to see what people think about them and if they think they are fair.
:bulletblue: Will draw
Human characters
Human pixel icon (example below)
:bulletred: Won't draw
nothing sexual or offensive to others.
:bulletblue: Human commissions
Bust will cost 90 :points: each. 

:bulletblue: Half bodies will cost 150 :points: each.
:bulletblue: Full body will cost you 180 :points: each

:bulletblue: single creature character 70 :points: additional characters are 30 [Points] (max of 3 extra characters per pic.)
[Bullet; Blue] Digimon Icons 60-80 [Points] depending on animation and detail of digimon.

Collabs and the rest you just simply need to ask me for I am available sometimes, but not all the time


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